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Choose your prescription bottles and load them with candies from our great selection of bulk candy from Canada, US, Germany and Holland. Pick and mix whatever candies you feel will provide the perfect balance for your cure. Then choose a label for your cure.

Candy Cures offers several sizes of prescription bottles. Select bottle, fill with your choice, then select label. You'll Feel Better!

Candy Cures dispensers and kits are essential items for around the home, office, car or campground. Be sure that
you are never in a situation where you are unable to
consume your recommended daily dosage

Candy Cures Pill Dispenser and Candy Cures First Aid Kit.

Candy Cures chocolate bars are made cheerfully in Canada
from Belgian chocolate. Once unwrapped, it has proven
to be difficult to keep adequate quantities on hand.

Candy Cures Dark Chocolate Be Happy Bar Candy Cures Milk Chocolate Rescue Bar

INGREDIENTS: Tickles 16% • Smiles 14% • Cuddles 13% • Summer breeze 10% • Laughter 8% • Kisses 7% • Blue sky 6% • Winks 5% • Snowflakes 5% • Hugs 4% • Sunsets 4% • Giggles 3% • Moonbeams 3% • Snuggles 2%

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