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Sherry Lossing fills bottles with medicinal sweets at Candy Cures in the Uptown development in Saanich.

Photograph by: Darren Stone, Times Colonist

Candy Cures at Uptown is prescribing sweet treats to boost sinking spirits.

The new store in the Saanich retail development is having fun with the idea that candy can cure woes. Shoppers can fill bottles, or first-aid kits, with candies and then choose from 30 amusing labels. Some of the so-called prescriptions include Colwood Crawl Anxiety Reliever; For the Monday Morning Blahs: Consume Until Spirit Returns; Stimulates Positive Thinking; and For the Reduction of Harsh Reality. Christmas-themed stickers are available, too.

Candy Cures staff wear white smocks like pharmacists, and the tops of bottles are sealed just like prescriptions. Gift boxes or plain plastic bags are available to hold candy. One customer ordered more than 100 bottles to give out to wedding guests. Another filled bottles for co-workers at her office. On her first visit recently, Amanda Barr, of Saanich, picked from the nearly 300 varieties of bulk candies, saying, "I think it looks pretty good. There's stuff I haven't seen before."

Candy Cures is at 129-3551 Uptown Blvd., just to the right of the main entrance to Wal-Mart. The owners are Sherry and John Lossing, and Brent and Brigitte Laing.

Bulk candies are displayed in specially engineered bins, designed to avoid spills and be easy to use. On one side of the store bulk sweets are $2.99 per 100 grams, while the other side sells sweets at $1.99. Choices includes mango licorice, cinnamon lava balls, blackcurrent millions, candy-covered almonds, gummy fried eggs, huge jawbreakers (a best-seller), chocolates that look like real rocks and much more. Candy Cures also offers 13 sugar-free sweets in its bulk containers. One of the biggest sellers is chalk licorice. It looks like a white stick of chalk and is mostly white inside but tastes like black licorice. "That is such a winner," said Brent Laing, who joked, "I put on 28 pounds in the last week."

Candy Cures also sells Calgary-made fudge, greeting cards, traditional British candies such as sticks of Blackpool rock, Cadbury chocolate and Sherbert Fountains, as well as a variety of other goodies. John Lossing said they look for unique candies not typically available here.

A Pucker Powder Candy Art machine stands by the front door, featuring a selection of a dozen fruit-flavoured powders. Customers buy straws ranging from $2.49 for six inches to $5.49 for 34 inches, and fill them with powders. "You can actually make a whole rainbow of different flavours and colours," said Laing.

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